Think Dumbledore meets Yoda. Think dark chocolate meets slurpee. Think math homework meets roller coaster. In this humorous account of life lessons, Danielle Parker seamlessly weaves together science, ancient philosophy, and personal stories into a relevant guide to mindfulness geared specifically towards adolescents but accessible to adults as well. 

Starting with pink panties and moving through ropes, snakes, and white rhinos, Danielle introduces the reader to ancient philosophies that have stood the test of time. Weaving in the science of mindfulness and the adolescent brain, Danielle places challenging topics within easy grasp. She introduces the concept of mindfulness and provides several different ways to practice. From the successes to the pitfalls of mindfulness practice, Danielle addresses it all with humor and sincerity.

What do pink panties have to do with mindfulness? Why is it that your adolescent brakes are broken? Is Danielle in fact addicted to chocolate? All of these questions, and more, are answered within these pages.

P.S. You don't have to be an adolescent to enjoy this book.

P.P.S. That means you - the grown-up reading this - this book is for you too.

Meet Danielle

Danielle Parker accepted her first job working with adolescents a zillion years ago in 2003. Ever since then, she has worked with this age group as often as possible in a variety of jobs, from classroom teacher to guides at nature centers, animal shelters, and even the health department. She finds them quirky, honest, and hilarious. (Translation: She thinks you’re weird.) She has a B.S. in biology from Cornell University, an M.A.T. from East Carolina University, and an M.S. in coastal zone management from Nova Southeastern University. She completed her Secondary Montessori training in 2021 through Houston Montessori Center. She is a 500-RYT yoga instructor and is dedicated to her personal mindfulness journey. For the record, pink has always been and is still to this day Danielle’s least favorite color.