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Speaking Engagements

Danielle is excited to talk to you about events at your bookstore or business. Whether it is a book signing or a mindfulness talk / demonstration, she can work with all ages. Fill out the form below to start a conversation.


Danielle does not sugarcoat mindfulness. She combines her extensive knowledge with her own personal stories to highlight the truth of mindfulness: the myths, the pitfalls, as well as the super fantastic end results.


As a certified Secondary Montessorian, Danielle is knowledgeable about the adolescent brain and how to harness this unique time of life to create lifelong habits. As a 500-RYT (advanced yoga teacher), Danielle is trained in mindfulness techniques and constantly works on them herself!


Danielle loves education, mindfulness, and personal growth. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in an upbeat, charismatic way. Although her true love is adolescents, she has found joy in working with all ages (from age 3 and up).

Danielle Parker

Insta & FB: @dwellwithdanielle